By the time I won my elementary school's spelling bee in the 4th and 5th grades, I already knew I loved words. Today, I know there are much better spell-check methods than my memory, but I still believe in the value of text that is full of meaning and free of error.

Are you drafting a blog post, ebook, or newsletter? Does your business or creative endeavor need writing that is clear, consistent, and correct? 

That's where I step in.


I tidy up awkward sentences before they cause a scene and make sure dangling participles don't fall and hurt themselves. Comma splices and pronoun disagreements rile me up, but an apt metaphor or dose of parallel construction calms me right down. Whatever your writing needs, I'll sleep soundly knowing your message has been clarified and amplified through grammatically-correct, well-organized, properly-formatted prose.

After all, writing is intrinsically communicative. What's the point if your words are trapped in a bottle of ambiguity, adrift on a sea of confusion?

Rate: $20/hour

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